I'm glad you've stopped by

About Me

My name is Zack Eswine. I'm a pastor, a professor and a writer. My family and I cultivate life together in Webster Groves, Missouri. Jesus has my attention.

What I've Done

A lot and much of it unwise or painful. I'm taking a second look at grace. I'm searching for what is humble and true.

What I Do

I try to offer unhurried time, a listening presence and a restful place so that ministry leaders and those who love them can ask, seek and knock. 

What I Hope

That you will find space, room and time to ask your questions, to grapple with Jesus, to find what is true, to locate the kind of hope that possesses the capacity to handle life and ministry as it actually is with all of its horrors, with all of its beauties. 

A Brief Video Introduction to How I Got Here