Is Jesus Arrogant?

  “I am the way, and the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me” (Jesus) Jesus sounds narrow minded and arrogant. He suggests that we locate God through no other way but His. This kind of exclusive claim disgusts many of us. We are wore out...

My name is Zack

Welcome to the Doubting Thomas Fellowship

I hope to create some quiet space for you to consider and communicate Jesus amid the very real doubts, longings, questions, and sorrows that you and I find, not only in our generation but also within our own souls.

As a Christian leader,

you try to create gracious space so that others can voice their doubts and ask honest questions.

But you need this kind of welcome and grace too,

don’t you?

Try to Slow Down

What if your current pace isn’t sustainable? What if the difference you long to make requires a different way of being in the world?

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Ask & Listen

See if you can get more honest and knowledgeable about the questions, doubts & sorrows that you and your neighbors experience.

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Let His Wisdom reshape you

You need new tools to help you lead and communicate well in this contested cultural moment.

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Rediscover the wonder

Jesus is not only holy and powerful, he is lovely and intoxicating. Maybe its been a while since you’ve felt this.

Even as faith endures in our secular age, believing doesn’t come easy . . . We don’t believe instead of doubting; we believe while doubting. We are all Thomas now.

James K.A. Smith

How (Not) To Be Secular

What Kind of Questions Are You or those you Serve, Asking?

A Question of Desire: You are wrestling with something you don’t know or have but wish you did.

A Question of Dilemma: You have a decision to make but don’t know which way to go.

A Question of Development: You have an issue of character, lifestyle or skill set that you want to change but you don’t know how.

A Question of Doubt: You have a mistrust of God, others or yourself that unsettles your faith. Things aren’t what you thought they were.

What Kind of Doubt is bothering you or those you care about?

A Communication Doubt: Something seems off. You need more clarity.

A Philosophical Doubt: An idea, teaching or belief that doesn’t seem sturdy to you, no matter how clear folks make it.

An Emotional/Experiential Doubt: An experience with evil or pain that has shaken what you once believed to the core of who you are. 

A Social Doubt: You’re happy with the way things are in your life and community. If believing means changing your life, somehow, you’d rather not believe.


The Real Questions of our Times

Thomas’ skepticism had to do with Jesus being raised from the dead. 

What skepticisms do you encounter in your soul or among the persons and communities you serve? 

We need Jesus’s grace to give non-trite answers to honest questions.

the actual sorrows of our generation

The particular kind of doubt that Thomas brought to Jesus arose from his first-hand encounter with injustice and pain.

 Sometimes, the doubts of those we serve or in our own lives, likewise arise not from our intellectual questions, but from our painful life experiences.

The Limits We Leaders Feel, the Skills We Leaders Need

I’ve provided some video, audio & written resources to help you.