Sometimes when I feel that I’m trying to be something I’m not, or pretending that I’m not something that I am, or when I’m losing a sense of clarity regarding what my identity and calling in Christ actually is, I will revisit questions like these. Not all of them will resonate with me at one time or another. But the ones that do provide a strong clue regarding what to pray about.

1. Creation and Re-creation (first and second birth)

  • With what temperament and natural talent did God create me?
  • What temperament and natural talents did God not give to me so that I must depend upon others?
  • What spiritual gifts has God given me?
  • What spiritual gifts do I wish I had but don’t and because of which I must let others minister to me?
 2. Providence (the circumstances of my life which become the stories that I have to share)
  • What stories have I been given to tell?
  • What stories do I have that I do not want and do not want to share?
  • What stories do I readily want to tell?
  • What stories do I wish I could tell but can’t?
  • What stories has God not given to me so that I must learn about Him in these kinds of circumstances from others?
  • In what places have I been put?
  • What places have I been but did not want?
  • What places have I wished for but have not received?
  • Where have I been that I relish?
  • What kind of season in my life is this? How does it compare to my previous season and contrast with the season that I wish I could have?
  • Which people living and dead have shaped my life positively? Negatively? What are their names? In God’s providence, what have they taught me or wanted me to believe?
  • What Biblical stories and persons seem most to mentor me in light of my own stories? Which Biblical characters do I wish I could resemble but don’t get to? What is it about the ones that resonate with my story that gives me thanks or makes me sad? (the life I want compared with the life I’ve been given or chosen)

3. Redemption (the story of His grace saving and training body and soul)

  • With what limits, weaknesses and sins do I particularly struggle?
  • What savior am I most tempted to trust instead of Jesus?
  • What provisions for my wholeness has God put into my life in Jesus?
  • Are their provisions of grace that I resist leaning upon?
  • Are there people whom God has put into my life to show his grace to me? Am I able to receive His grace through them? Are there people that I avoid? People for which praying is easy? difficult?
  • What about my body do I want to ignore or flatter these days?
  • Is there something about redemption in Jesus that I’ve been equipped to talk about but won’t? Something of his grace that I want to be able to talk about but can’t and must hear from others?
  • What beauty is in this place that I’m not noticing? What ugliness is in this place that I can’t stand?
  • What interruptions frustrate me right now? Is there something here that God wants to show me?

4. Consummation (our future in this life and the next)

  • What about my future am I impatiently trying to rush?
  • What about my future do I want to put off?
  • What about my future scares me? Gives me hope? What thoughts, imaginations or memories kill my hope?
What questions would you add or adjust?
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