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I was college-aged and broken. Earnest for God but rough and tumbled by life and by my own restless heart. Bob Smart and his wife invited me into their world. I learned how to make spaghetti. I learned how to welcome someone into my living room. I watched them laugh, play, argue, cry, reconcile, parent their kids, hope, and dream. I learned to pray. All of this mostly by being with them.

Years later I met Leighton Ford. I learned that

Leaders in Ministry need safe times, safe places, and safe people to help them keep going for the long run.

The legacy of Bob and of Leighton has led me to pursue and cultivate, life-on-life, pastor-to-pastor mentoring communities designed for spiritual friendship, ministry nurture, and personal encouragement for the long haul in ministry. If you have questions about this, get in touch.

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