Pastoring the Skeptical: Offering Credible Help

We preach to people who have honest questions, pain, and doubts; or who are cynical of faith, or who’ve been deeply hurt by people who talk about God. These ordinary Sunday morning sermons offer imperfect but earnest attempts to preach the sanity and hope of Jesus, as if doing so, is among other things, a powerful act of neighbor love.

How Can I Pray When I'm Cynical About It?

by Zack Eswine | June 4, 2017, 41 minutes

Jesus, White Supremacy and Us

by Zack Eswine, August 20, 2017, 36 minutes | Charlottesville Virginia experienced tragic violence which raised new questions about old prejudices. How does a follower of Jesus respond when White Supremacists claim Jesus as their guide and Christianity as their religion?

Is the Apostle Paul a Jerk?

by Zack Eswine, 26 minutes, August 7, 2016 | Many of us don't like Paul. He seems bigoted, homophobic and anti-women. And yet, we need his voice in Jesus. By looking at one of Paul's letters, (Colossians 1:1-2), we can together consider why.

Fighting through Boredom to the Purpose You were Created For

by Zack Eswine, 36 minutes, April 2, 2017 | We get bored with the work-a-day world. What kind of purpose are we made for? Some of believe that this is all there is and our own self is all we can trust. We feel that this frees us. But many of us feel bored by our freedom. In Colossians 3:17, the Bible invites us to a different kind of invigorating freedom.

How Can God Be Good When Life Goes So Wrong?

by Zack Eswine, 41 minutes, February 2, 2014 | This question is an ancient, wise and heart-felt cry from our gut. Are there any clues that can enable us to find some kind of solid ground when grappling with the raw outrage that sometimes wells up within our hearts?

Why is it reasonable to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

by Zack Eswine, 27 minutes, December 13, 2015 | Some of us honestly believe that science and the supernatural must always fight one another. Others of us assume that science has canceled out the supernatural and proven that the supernatural is a fraud. Why then do many still say it remains reasonable to believe in the miracle of Jesus's birth?

Why Do We Call God Father? Doesn't this hurt people?

by Zack Eswine, 27 minutes, September 4, 2016 | Images of God as Father can trigger pain for the abused, indignation for the demeaned. How can we see this image of God in a way that heals and invites rather than hurts and puts off?

Why Faith and Science Aren't Enemies

by Zack Eswine, 46 minutes, January 16, 2011 | Many of us feel confused about how we are supposed to understand the relationship between science and faith. Others of us assume that no relationship exists and want to force the rest of us to choose one side or the other. Zack explores Hebrews 11:3 from the New Testament and asks, "What do we make of all of this?"

How Can We Still Trust the Bible in an Age of Terrorism?

by Zack Eswine, 39 minutes, September 11, 2011 | How can we reconcile our fatigue with religious violence when so many use the Bible to justify the harm they do? Zack explores this question from Jesus's teachings in the New Testament, Luke 13.

The Peace of Jesus: What is it and How Do We Find It?

by Zack Eswine, 36 minutes, March 12, 2017 | Most all of us want peace. How does Jesus view peace? What difference does it make and how do we find the peace Jesus gives? Zack explores and finds answers to these questions from Colossians 3:15 in the New Testament.

"I Believe Lord, Help My Unbelief!"

A Three Part Series Exploring How to Handle Doubt in our Lives of Faith

What Does Doubt Have to Do with Faith?

by Zack Eswine, 34 minutes | In part 1, Zack looks at this important question by looking at the moment in which Jesus and "doubting Thomas" had a conversation. We recognize that doubt has an intellectual as well as an emotional source. Then he asks, "What does it mean to doubt our doubts?" And why is this important?

Why We Are Slow To Believe And What To Do About It

by Zack Eswine, 31 minutes | In part 2, Zack explores how we overcome the legitimate cynicisms and pains that make it hard for us to believe.

Seeking Direction in Life: Discerning How our Desires Shape our Doubts

by Zack Eswine, 34 minutes | In part 3 of handing doubt, Zack looks at our search for direction in ordinary life to explore why it is that when we want something it makes it hard to believe evidence to the contrary.

Singleness, Sexuality & Marriage

Seeking Meaningful Answers to our Honest Questions

Single and Celibate: Fulfilled and Free

by Zack Eswine, 41 minutes, May 5, 2017 | All of us, even those who are married, depend upon those we love having the skill of singleness and celibacy. We are told that we must marry or be alone. We are told that without sex we are missing out on life. But Jesus and those who followed him saw freedom and fulfillment in a different light. Is it possible to recover the dignity of singleness and offer each other a more robust picture of companionship?

Seeking Jesus Amid our Disagreements about Sexuality

by Zack Eswine, 35 minutes, June 28, 2015 | Dr. Eswine gave this message the weekend the American Supreme Court affirmed Same-Sex Marriage. Those listening came from opposite points of view. In an attempt to help differing friends stay in ongoing conversation together, Zack focused on five statements Jesus makes.

Submission and Love: Wives and Husbands Flourishing

by Zack Eswine, 42 minutes, May 7, 2017 | Men have terribly misused women in the name of God and on the basis of words written by the Apostle Paul. How then can we still use words like submission and love as wisdom that empowers women, men and their children and enables a marriage to flourish?

What is Marriage? How do we talk about this among those we love who disagree with us?

by Zack Eswine, 47 minutes, May 2017 | Many neighbors and very dear friends who marry are of the same sex or gender. They and their adopted children bless us. Why then would Christians still try to talk about opposite-sex marriage as our belief when those we love disagree and others think us bigoted? What is marriage anyway?

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