slow down and listen

you work hard. the work never stops. but you are so busy you can’t hear the Lord’s voice. your frenzied soul needs a break. let Jesus teach you how to slow down in order to keep going. let him recover joy for you moment by moment.

get honest about your questions

you regularly welcome others with their questions and doubts. you give them gracious room as they forage for faith and grapple with Jesus. but you need a place too, don’t you? you too need space to give voice to your own doubts, to ask the questions nagging at your soul.


how do you preach Jesus from the Bible among neighbors and cultures who doubt both? how do you lead and communicate Jesus as a human being who also has questions and doubts and needs his grace?


I’m a pastor, teacher and writer. Jesus has my attention.

I want to be a help to ordinary people and imperfect pastors like myself.


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