The preaching tomorrow concerns Ecclesiastes 9:7-10. This is where I’m at so far on the basic outline. It’s Saturday and I know many of you are in the midst of preparing. May He meet you and encourage you for His glory and for His people!


1. God has already accepted and approved our use of ordinary things (vs. 7)

2. God intends to give us true joy through ordinary things. (vs. 7, 9)

What does this mean for us? Go for it! Reorient your life around ordinary joys for His glory!

  • Buy Groceries, Cook meals, set tables, and wash dishes (vs. 7)
  • Wash your clothes and take showers (vs. 8 )
  • Delight in your family, Sing about your Spouse, Enjoy people (vs. 9)
  • Set the alarm, get up and do what the day requires (vs. 9)
  • Don’t hesitate to explode with passion for what you find to do (vs. 10)

Why? Because these things form the good life God had in mind (vs. 9) In Jesus, God is recovering Eden! Your boredom, apathy, cynicism, despair, discontent, and restless disregard for the mundane are not from Him but are paid for in Christ Jesus. His grace can return the joy of ordinary things to you! His grace can teach you to experience true joy and meaning even though “this world is devils filled.”


What does this reveal about God? God is not quieted by the shouts of harming things and sinful looting. God is pursuing the recovering of His purpose for us. God is pleased to give you your portion of joy by gifting you with people to love, a place to cultivate and a thing to do. No amount of harm under-the-sun will ultimately rob you of these. God delights in the ordinary moment of relationships, work, love and play. These ordinary moments in His hands recover bits of Eden and form a proclamation of heaven in your daily life.

What does this reveal about people? With God, we were meant to experience the immense joys of little things. Sin and its effects ruin our taste and bore us into a constant search to taste whatever is not ours and out there and undervalue whatever is ours and here. We are restless. Greed, coveteousness, theft, raging control, adultery; these and other foul things flow out of resistance to our portion and our inability to taste the joys He gives us there. We were made for God in Eden. Our depressions and mental brokeness need the ultimate return of God and the ordinary.

What does this reveal about life under the sun? It is more painful than we want and more joy-filled than we have eyes to see.

What does this mean for us? Jesus must forgive us for our disregard of true joy, heal us into His joy of small treasures, and deliver us from the temporary triumph of boredom and cynicism.

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