You want to do large things as famously and as fast as you can.

But most things that matter in life, will require you to do small, mostly overlooked tasks over a long period of time.   

         Zack Eswine

Resources to Help You Slow Down

The Imperfect Pastor

Christianity Today Book of the Year: Church Leadership

How to Find Rest When There Isn’t Any

A three-part video series

Cultivating a Stamina for Waiting

Instant video streaming, on-demand programming, twenty-four hour grocery, credit-cards, texting, and next-day delivery are wonderful. They reward my desires instantly. Immediacy befriends me. Entitlement invites me to come over. We party at once and without delay. So,...

When You Are Worried in the Night Watches

Worry is nocturnal. It spreads its crow wings to caw and scratch. We, the night worried, toss and turn. Hollered and flapped throughout the night, we dishevel our breathing and muss our hair till dawn. What will the day bring? Of course, many neighbors of ours also...

Taking Each Day as it Comes

We feel like we will miss out, or that we are not enough. This is why we cram days into each other. We blur them and force them to get along. But we are restless. Agitated. Irritated. Discontent. When is anything ever enough? We feel restless because we were created...

Recognizing God’s Nearness

The largest human questions are sometimes asked in the most ordinary and smallest of places. "Where is God?" As a little boy, my youngest son Caleb asked this sacred question before bed. “He is everywhere” I say. “Is he in my room?” “Yes, I say, He is here.” “Is he on...

Tasting the Pleasures of God’s Presence

It is not easy to suggest to someone in our congregation that we learn how to practice God's presence together. After all, for many, the idea of spending a moment-by-moment life with God doesn't sound exciting. What if God is annoying or socially awkward; boring, or...

Spiritual Remembering, Part 1

We need reminders. Our to-do-lists and calendars give us proof enough. We search for car keys. We use someone else's phone to call ours. Then we listen through the house hoping it will reveal its location. I guess, too, that we've learned our forgetfulness the hard...
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